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Optimist Sailing

Sailing School.

Summer Camp.

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Is it a Summer Camp? A Sailing School? A Race Team?
Simply put it's all three.

Our Learn To Sail Programs

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Is it a Summer Camp? A Sailing School? A Race Team?
Simply put it's all three.


For 8 weeks every summer the grounds of Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club are full of the fun and games and friendships you'd find at any summer camp. There are dress-up days, picnics, swimming, and afternoons at the beach.

But that's not all...


Our nationally-recognized FBYC Sailing School is run by our exceptional instructors and coaches, many of whom are graduates of the program themselves! We teach and certify students using the Sail Canada standards. Students enjoy a fun, safe program that promotes exercise, develops self-confidence, and teaches sportsmanship. Quality sailboats and our warm natural bay allow for the best hands-on experience. Programs available for ages 10 and up


And if that's not enough...

The award-winning FBYC Race Team includes racers in three classes of boats (420's, Laser, and Optimist.) FBYC racers have received recognition across Lake Ontario and around the world. We have even launched two Olympic careers!


Sailing Camp.
Race Team.

Important stuff for Students (and parents)


Every student should bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, a water bottle, and their own Personal Floatation Device (that's a life jacket) with a whistle attached. 

For footwear, the sailors need something that will protect their feet but can get wet. We recommend some kind of neoprene sailing shoes or athletic sandals that cover the toes. Crocs don't really work.

Trust me, it's been tried.

Students must be able to swim. They will ALWAYS be wearing a life jacket when they are on, near, or in the water, but we've found that students who can swim are just more comfortable.

All FBYC sailing classes run 9 am to 4 pm. Please be on time in the morning as there is a lot to pack into a day. Picking up students early is discouraged as they are usually out on the water.


FBYC Sailing School does not provide lunch. Students are expected to bring their own meals and snacks. Bring lots. This is a very active camp and they will get hungry. 

We promise to return your child to you at the end of the day. But be warned, they will probably be wet, exhausted, and talking non-stop about how much fun they had.

Adult Learn to Sail. 
Keel Boat.

Returning for the 2023 season, by popular demand, our adult keelboat lessons. Have you ever looked out over the lake on a sunny day and wondered "Could I do that?". The answer is absolutely and our adult keelboat lessons will help you get there. Space is limited and the classes fill up quickly so register today!


All courses are open to members and non-members. 

Our sailing courses follow the curriculum created by Sail Canada and upon successful completion, you will achieve the Sail Canada Standard for that course. Proof of this achievement is recognized by boating associations, facilities, and charter operations around the world

We offer two courses: Quick Start - Learn to Sail and Basic Keel Boat Course following the Cruising & CANSail curriculum. Both courses are taught on our sail training keelboat, it has a weighted keel to provide stability, and prepare participants to become keelboat owners. All courses are taught by trained, qualified instructors.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Club Boat

At Frenchman's Bay Yacht Club, we're more than just a sailing school. We're a community dedicated to the art of sailing, and we're passionate about sharing our love of the sport with others. Our experienced team is constantly staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies, so you can be sure you're getting the very best training available. Whether you're a seasoned dinghy sailor or just starting out, we're here to help you hone your skills and make lasting memories on the water.

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