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Individuals interested in participating as crew in racing and other on-water activities are asked to consider the following:

If you are not an FBYC member and are participating as a regular crew member on an FBYC member's boat on a 'regular' basis should join the Club as a Crew member. Further information is available in the membership section of the website

If you looking for a boat to crew on please send an email including your contact information, availability and sailing/racing experience to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note also that you can access the crew bank essentially by just up turning at the club, ready to sail, on any given Wednesday evening around 5:30 throughout the sailing season or 90 minutes before the start of a non-series race. Crew looking for boats gather at the picnic table nearest the flag pole. If you have questions ask anyone or go to the yellow committee boat on C dock. This is a great way to try out racing before making a commitment for the entire season, or to try out more than one boat before deciding to sail regularly with a given crew.

Please note that by completing the document and returning it to us, you agree to have your contact information displayed on the member's only section of our website for potential skippers to review, and contact you about crewing opportunities on their vessel.

NB: FBYC assumes no responsibility in the accuracy of any posting for Crew Available.

By participating in the FBYC Crew Bank you agree to the following

To the fullest extent permitted by law, I waive all claims and forever release FBYC from any claims, damages, liabilities, losses, suits, costs and expenses including attorney fees, for personal injury to myself or any other person, or loss of any property, arising from the use of FBYC’s facilities or participation in any activities on or off FBYC’s premises, including claims arising from any active or passive negligence of FBYC. I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify FBYC against all third party claims, damages, liabilities, losses, suits, costs and expenses including attorney fees suffered or incurred by FBYC and arising from participation in any activities or use of FBYC’s facilities